DiCaprio nearly died while traveling


DiCaprio nearly died while traveling 

The other day, American actor Edward Norton became a guest of the Jonathan Ross show. There he told how he had the opportunity to save the life of a Hollywood star - Leonardo DiCaprio.

If not for him, we would not have seen the actor receive an Oscar. After all, DiCaprio could die in 2010, writes rusjev.net.

Once celebrities went on a research trip to the Galapagos Islands. It was there that the actor fell into a dangerous situation. The Hollywood actor was on the verge of big trouble. It all happened when Leonardo saw a flock of beautiful fish and swam after them.

“We did scuba diving with the famous oceanologist Sylvia Earle. I have known Leo for a long time, so I was aware that since childhood he has gone crazy over animals. When spotted ramps swam beneath us, he followed them to remove them. I have been diving since I was 16, so when I looked at my watch, I realized that we should go ashore. Moreover, I noticed how Leo began to rise up and down - this is not a good sign. I swam after him. He could run out of oxygen, and it almost happened. "

Then the actor lost consciousness and remained alive only thanks to Edward Norton! It is scary to imagine how this adventure could end. Fortunately, nothing happened.

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