What did Lilia Podkopaeva name her newborn daughter?


What did Lilia Podkopaeva name her newborn daughter? 

On September 19, Lilia Podkopaeva became a mother for the third time. The Olympic champion gave birth to a girl to her husband and businessman Igor Dubinsky. Two months after the birth, Lilia declassified the name of the baby.

Like many celebrities, Lilia Podkopaeva protects the newborn from the attention of the press and fans. The Ukrainian athlete rarely gives interviews and does not show the face of her daughter on the net.

However, the name that Podkopaeva and Dubinsky came up with for the baby still became known. So, the star mother named her third child by the name of Evelina. About this, the spouses told the famous host Katya Osadcha.

In addition, Lily admitted that during pregnancy she gained nine kilograms. But, thanks to the sports past, Podkopaeva managed to maintain herself in good physical shape and subsequently quickly get rid of extra pounds.

“It was very easy to get rid of them! In particular, because the daughter keeps us in active mode. We hold her in our hands a lot, so the hands will always be in good shape,” the athlete said.

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