A new rating of confidence in the President is known



A fresh rating of confidence in President Vladimir Zelensky was published, which was held six months later by his leadership in the post. The opinion poll was conducted by the leading non-governmental analytical center of Ukraine “Razumkov Center”.
The survey showed an increase in confidence, for example, the head of state has about 80% today, as 73% voted for him in the elections.
They do not have trust - 8%, most likely they do not trust - 13.9%, trust - 50.4%, 19.5% have full confidence, and 8.1% of Ukrainians surveyed found it difficult to answer.
For all the times of the presidency in the country, and among all countries of the civilized world, this figure was a record.
The ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko also got into this rating, according to the survey, 56.7% cause a complete distrust, most likely they do not trust - 23.5%, most likely they trust - 10.7%, but full trust only 3.6% of respondents.
Regarding the general assessment of the quality of the new government, 48.2% consider it better than the previous one, and 8.3% consider it worse than the past.
The survey was conducted among Ukrainians over the age of 18 years, with the exception of the occupied territories, the study was attended by 2015 respondents.

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