By the end of January 2020, Goncharuk instructed to connect all medical facilities to eHealth


By the end of January 2020, Goncharuk instructed to connect all medical facilities to eHealth 

Prime Minister Aleksey Goncharuk instructed to connect all medical facilities to the electronic health system by January 31, 2020.
He gave the corresponding instruction during a conference call on health issues of the regional and Kiev city state administrations, the press service of the CMU reports.

“Ukrainians should have full access to state-guaranteed medical services. For a year now, at the primary care level, the state pays for medical services for citizens, and not for maintaining hospitals. Now, specialized care will be financed by this principle. And the task of local authorities is to help security institutions health to prepare for a new stage of reform.All institutions should be autonomous and provided with computers, because from the second quarter of 2020 they are transferred to financing through an agreement with the National Health Services of Ukraine, "said Goncharuk.

It is noted that from April 1, 2020, changes begin in the financing of institutions providing specialized assistance - these are polyclinics and hospitals. For the successful start of changes at the level of specialized care and the signing of an agreement with the National Health Service of Ukraine, institutions that provide specialized care must meet the requirements of the NSZU, namely: be autonomous, have computers and connect to the electronic health care system.

In 2020, in Ukraine, the Medical Guarantee Program will work in full, and UAH 72 billion has been allocated for this in the state budget, which is almost 64% of the total amount allocated to the health care system.

“In preparation for the implementation of the Medical Safeguards Program, about 73% of institutions providing specialized medical care are already autonomous. Most of these are in Poltava (98.59%), Vinnitsa (97.69%), Kharkov (93.64%), Odessa (90.53%) and Sumy (90.22%) regions. Only 33% of specialized institutions are computerized. The leading regions are Poltava (66.02%), Chernihiv (56.38%) and Lviv (56, 10%) ), "said Health Minister Zvezdnaya Skaletskaya.

The heads of regional state administrations must report on the results of work to the government by December 31, 2019.

At the same time, it was noted at the conference call that it was the local authorities, as the owner of the medical institution, that should allocate funds for the repair of the hospital, purchase the latest medical diagnostic equipment, take care of providing the institution with medical personnel and the like.

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