The pursuit of Mazda without numbers in the center of Kiev!


The pursuit of Mazda without numbers in the center of Kiev! 

On November 30, in the center of Kiev, patrolmen tried to stop a Mazda car without license plates. The driver tried to hide and the pursuit began. It ended in a massive accident on Khreshchatyk, which also hit a police car.

The man was detained. Soon there was a full video of the pursuit of Mazda in broad daylight. This was reported by the Informant, referring to the press service of the patrol police of the capital.

During the escape from law enforcement officers, the driver repeatedly grossly violated the rules of the road and endangered his other participants, and after that he lost control and collided with several cars, including one police car.

As a result, the patrol managed to block the fugitive car on Bessarabskaya Square. The man threw the car and tried to escape, but still found himself in the strict, but caring hands of the patrol. According to preliminary information, the driver found clear signs of intoxication. In addition, in the Mazda car, police discovered things, including equipment, the origin of which the driver could not explain. According to preliminary information, the discovered things are wanted, like stolen. In addition, law enforcement officers found several sets of foreign license plates.

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