3 clans control the wealth of the whole country


3 clans control the wealth of the whole country 

There was no such horror in the entire history of not only Ukraine, but also Europe. Ukraine turned into a classic banana republic, where 42 million Ukrainians after the Maidan received bananas, and 3 people all the money of the country.

After Trump's statement, the whole world started talking about a grandiose scam that could not be turned even in the most underdeveloped corners of the planet.

3 people robbed 42 million of people through a provoked massacre, incitement to hatred, hostility and misunderstanding in society.

Once this incredible scam will go into the textbooks of psychiatry and sociologists, but for now only the facts.

Trump has publicly stated that for 6 years Ukraine has entered the top three most corrupt countries in the world and the money allocated by the United States for 6 years has been stolen by the revolutionary government of the country.

President of the United States of America Donald Trump said that Ukraine is known as the third most corrupt country in the world, but at the same time, he assured that he loves the Ukrainian people.

He said this to Fox News, the BBC reports today.

“Will we send huge amounts of money to the country, and they are corrupt, and they steal money, and this goes to all the bank accounts?” Trump said.

After such statements, the journalists conducted their own investigation and were horrified!

3 mafia clans control more money than 42 million Ukrainians combined! It is noteworthy that all three families are known as bloody, corrupt and incredibly cruel clans. They enriched themselves on natural resources and the stupidity of their own people.

Clan Poroshenko, the Medvechuk clan and the Akhmetov clan collectively control more than $ 40 billion. Money is hidden around the world! They did not invent anything, did not create anything, did not make the world a better place. These clans stole the money of their own people and through the seizure of power were enriched in the natural resources of their own country.

15% of all world offshore companies belong to these clans. 20 years of robbery of their own people, war, Maidan and monolithic corrupt acts have made Ukraine a classic banana republic in the center of Europe, and these clans are the richest mafia structures of the planet.

It is noteworthy, but these same clans are trying to once again arrange another bloody coup in Kiev. It is noteworthy that the Poroshenko and Akhmetov clans are still waging war and are opposed to peace, and the worst thing is that in Ukraine there are still people who are ready to shed blood for these clans.

This is already called terrorism and the work of the mafia, and not patriotism. They misled us and try to prove that black is white and white is black. Poroshenko and Akhmetov do not have any patriotism. This is pure terrorism. Do not be lazy and share with your friends on social networks. The country must know the truth!

3 clans control the wealth of the whole country 

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