And the Carpathians were already covered with snow!


And the Carpathians were already covered with snow! 

November 30, Saturday, the Carpathians covered with a layer of snow, reports

It seems that winter as a "punctual lady" came clearly on schedule. The Carpathians were the first to fall into her cold embrace.

So on Mount Pop Ivan Montenegrin, the average air temperature is -5 degrees Celsius. And visibility is not more than 50 meters.

We also offer you a beautiful photo report from the snowy Carpathians.
The beauty of our homeland is truly incredible.

Earlier we reported that tourists became witnesses of the Broken ghost, which appeared in the Carpathians.

He was able to photograph on a high mountain range of Montenegro. Information about this appeared in the Hiking Club group on Facebook.

In fact, a rare optical phenomenon that manifests itself in the mountains is usually called a Broken ghost. He was guessed by people two hundred years ago. A person can see his shadow on the surface of the fog. This is a rather rare phenomenon, because you need a certain direction to the Sun.

A shadow can be quite large, and around it you can see colored rings, which are also called "gloria."

Also, a ghost can move (sometimes quite unexpectedly) due to the movement of the cloud layer and density fluctuations in the cloud.
The Broken ghost can be seen not only in the Carpathians - in any mountains and even at sea, if only the weather contributed. Mountain goats, solitary trees and even whole buildings - history knows a lot of strange shapes on the horizon.

And the Carpathians were already covered with snow! 

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