We have tested hypersonic weapons in the Russian Federation!


We have tested hypersonic weapons in the Russian Federation! 

Russian media reported that in mid-November the MiG-31k fighter first fired a dagger in the Arctic at the Pemba range, TASS reports citing two sources in the military-industrial complex.

“The tests were carried out in mid-November. The missile was launched at a ground target located at the Pemboy training ground from the MiG-31K carrier plane, taking off from Olenegorsk airfield, which is located northeast of Vorkuta,” one of the agency’s interlocutors said.

Another source confirmed the fact that the Dagger was being tested, noting that "the rocket speed reached 10 Machs."

The technical characteristics of the “Dagger” are classified, but, according to some reports, this is an upgraded version of the Iskander quasi-ballistic single-stage guided solid fuel rocket. The carrier of the "Dagger" is a supersonic all-weather fighter-interceptor of the long-range radius MiG-31K.

For the first time, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the “Dagger” complex in a message to the Federal Assembly in March 2018. Then they showed video footage of testing hypersonic missiles from its composition.

As reported, the new Russian nuclear-powered rocket, which Putin introduced in March 2018 as having "unlimited flight range," was able to fly only 35 km.

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