"Servant of the people" Yasko kissed a girl - is it true or fake?


The other day a photo of two kissing girls appeared on the network, in one of which the ex-deputy of the Radical Party, Igor Mosiychuk, recognized the deputy Elizaveta Yasko, the head of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE from "Servant of the People"
The politician unveiled the frame in his Telegram channel. At the same time, he did not indicate the identity of the second girl.

The 28-year-old deputy commented on Mosiychuk’s statement, saying that she was not the one in the picture and accused him of spreading fakes.
“It is a shame that when the head of Aidar, today Igor Mosiychuk is engaged in the creation and distribution of fakes. You don’t need to be acquainted with me or ever see me, you just need to google any of my photos in order to understand: I’m not on this photo, as if it was not wanted by Igor Mosiychuk’s wish, ”wrote the head of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE.
According to Elizaveta Yasko, she is ashamed of the level of political culture in society, but noted her readiness for such information attacks.
"It’s a shame not only for the author of the fake, but also the level of political culture of the society in which such cheap attacks always find their consumers. I don’t know who these girls are, and I’m sorry that they were dragged into this shameful provocation. I was and remain ready for information attacks. As soon as it became known that I was one of the candidates for the position of chairman of the committee, attacks began. Therefore, the author of this and the authors of other similar fakes should know that with each new provocation you only make me stronger, "Yasko said.

The presidential party "Servant of the People" also stated that there was no deputy Yasko in the photograph.
MP Yevgenia Kravchuk wrote on her Facebook that only one politician knew what he was thinking when he called the girl in the photo “our Lisa Yasko”. 

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