Zelensky wants to meet with students spending the night on the Maidan on the night of November 29-30, 2013

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky plans to meet next week with students who participated in the events on Independence Square on the night of November 29-30. The head of state wrote about this on his Facebook page.
Vladimir Zelensky recalled how 6 years ago there was a brutal beating of young people by the “Golden Eagle”. He noted that the goal of the participants of the most massive protest in the history of the country was NOT mandates or dividends, but the real goal was the benefit of the Ukrainian future.
"Today, we hardly remember the names of the direct participants in those events. In fact, they forced Ukraine to wake up and became the starting point of the big transformations. Where are they now? Remained in Ukraine? Did you get the opportunity to rule the country and implement change after the Dignity Revolution?" your social network.
In this regard, President Zelensky wants to hold a meeting with the topic of students who were on the capital's Maidan on the night of November 29.
According to past events, due to the refusal of the Ukrainian authorities to sign the Association Agreement with the European Union at the end of 2013, the largest protest rally in the history of Ukraine began, which lasted until the end of February 2014. It is called the Revolution of Dignity.
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