How much does the youngest billionaire spend on security?



The youngest billionaire in the world Kylie Gener spends $ 400,000 a month on her safety. This was told by her 70-year-old father Caitlin Gener, who in 2015 changed sex to female.
Talking with a colleague, actor Cliff Parisi, who asked about the safety of the family, Caitlin said that Kylie really spends a lot of money on protection, but these are forced measures without which the girl from the legendary Kardashian dynasty - Gener simply can not do.
“Kylie spends between $ 300,000 and $ 400,000 a month. This is a ton of money. But wherever she is, she is in danger, ”says Caitlin.
This is almost 5 million a year, noticed her colleague.
When asked about the feelings that Kylie experiences while being monitored by a guard even when she simply goes to the store, Caitlin Geneer answered about her personal sadness because of this, but noted that Genera the younger is glad to be constantly accompanied for her own safety.
Given the condition and fame of the girl, she really has a need for round-the-clock protection, again assured by her father.
The 22-year-old American model, the actress of the Kardashian Family reality show, is the entrepreneur and the youngest among Kardashian, Gener, who, by the way, has no higher education, launched her line of cosmetics “Kylie Cosmetics” in 2015 and earned about $ 800 in the next couple of years millions on its sale. Advertising contracts, increase her income to an incredible $ 900 million. Also, one of the sources of income is advertising on the social network Instagram

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