PayPal no longer works with Pornhub: thousands of authors will be left without money



One of the most popular pornographic sites Pornhub said that the international payment system PayPal decided to stop paying authors of videos on its platform. Writes the American site Vice.
Pornhub is worried about this decision because of the possible cessation of many content creators. In their opinion, those who used the site as a source of income will cease to continue their activities, as a result - deterioration in product quality and reduced views.
Authors who used PayPal to receive payment for their work will now have to switch to another payment method, for Pornhub such a decision came as a complete surprise.
“We are all shocked by the decision of PayPal to stop paying to more than one hundred thousand performers who rely on them as a source of income,” the company said.
The porn site, apologizing for temporary inconvenience, has already instructed the creators of the video on setting up a new way to receive money.
“We sincerely apologize if this causes any delays, and we have round-the-clock personnel who will ensure the fastest processing of all payments for new payment methods,” the statement said.
The representative office of PayPal said that the reason for the termination of cooperation was transactions that were conducted without the knowledge of the payment service.
“After checking, we found that Pornhub made certain business payments through PayPal without our permission. We took measures to prevent these transactions from happening, ”PayPal said.
PayPal payment system rules prohibit its use for activities related to “sexually explicit materials or services”. But PornHub has been using this system for a long time without any problems. According to reporters, PayPal specifically uses vague wording.
Today, Pornhub offers authors alternatively checks, direct deposits, Paxum e-wallet and Verge cryptocurrency.

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