Handwriting Parkinson's Disease


Handwriting Parkinson's Disease 

A team of Australian scientists has proposed an innovative test for detecting early Parkinson's disease, which is based on screening of drawings and handwriting.

"A team of Australian scientists from the Royal Melbourne University of Technology (RMIT) has proposed an innovative test to detect Parkinson's disease at an early stage: it is based on screening of drawings and handwriting," the report said.

According to the portal, the test itself includes seven different tasks that must be performed on a digital tablet: among them - drawing a spiral by combining points, simple writing and writing with a load of memory.

After a person passes the test, the program will analyze the data in real time and give the result.

At the same time, the software is compatible with existing technologies, so the only equipment that will be required for the screening test is a pen, paper and a tablet.

It is noted that the tests showed 93 percent accuracy in determining the disease at a very early stage, the researchers assured.

If everything goes according to plan, the test may become available to all comers as early as 2022.

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