On the Twitch platform, s1mple got a ban


On the Twitch platform, s1mple got a ban 

The world's largest streaming platform Twitch banned the channel of Ukrainian e-sportsman Alexander ‘s1mple’ Kostylev. There was no official confirmation of the reason for the ban of the channel of the star Natus Vincere from representatives of Twitch, but the most likely reason was the use of the forbidden word. In the comments to the post about the s1mple channel’s bath on Reddit, there is also a version that Twitch broadcasted another person who pretended to be Alexander, and the stream was full of bots that advertised suspicious CS: GO sites in the chat.

In his official Twitter account, s1mple subsequently commented on the situation: “Another ban. Stupid Twitch does not understand the difference between different meanings of the same word depending on context. I'm tired of streaming on this terrible platform, constantly choosing the right words. If you give bans just like that, then these rules should be the same for all streamers. ” Alexander’s reaction most likely confirms the version that the ban occurred due to his use of some forbidden word.

Recall, this is the second blocking of the s1mple channel during its stay on Twitch. The first temporary ban took place in August 2019. Then the Ukrainian esportsman jokingly insulted his teammate Kirill ‘Boombl4’ Mikhailov. Twitch administrators called the official reason for the ban "inciting hatred of a person or group of people."

The first ban of the s1mple channel lasted one week, and it is still unknown how long the second will last. According to the official rules of the Twitch streaming platform, any channel that receives a temporary ban three times is subject to a permanent ban.

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