Victoria Beckham Beauty Secrets!


Victoria Beckham Beauty Secrets! 

Victoria told The Guardian’s Weekend exactly how she manages to keep herself in great shape. Her day begins at 05:30 in the morning, and already at 6:00 she gets up on the treadmill to cover a distance of seven kilometers.

“It takes me 45 minutes to run, and this is the only time I watch TV: most often boxing matches or documentaries,” Beckham says.

Then the designer goes for a personal training with a personal trainer, they take place every day, seven days a week, and at any time of the year: 30 minutes on feet, 30 minutes on hands, then different types of slats and exercises. Only occasionally does Victoria endure a workout to personally take the children to school. According to her, she is not afraid of routine. True, he admits that at times he changes his home workouts to classes in the studio, but only to change the situation.

Once, Victoria was going to become a vegan and even planted the whole family on a plant diet. But then she abandoned this idea. Her morning diet now consists of a spoonful of fasting apple cider vinegar and green smoothie, cereal or scrambled eggs with smoked salmon for breakfast. Also, the mother of four children pays attention not only to the body, but also to the mind.

“Meditation is what makes me feel and prepares for a beautiful day. It cleanses my mind and then allows many ideas to be born. This is the time when I do not talk on the phone, I do not speak either with the children or with David. I am left alone with me. ”

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