Jennifer Lopez in an advertisement for her perfume


Jennifer Lopez in an advertisement for her perfume 

The star has been releasing perfumes under its own brand for 17 years. A couple of months ago, the singer presented the new fragrance Promise, and the other day she starred in their advertising campaign.

In the pictures, Lopez appeared in a golden dress, embroidered with sequins, with an open back and a large cut - outfits of this style are very popular with the star.

Many years ago, the famous American entrepreneur Warren Buffett suggested the idea of ​​the name of the new perfume Lopez, saying that her brand is a kind of promise to her fans (promise in English means "promise"). As Jennifer admitted, for herself behind this promise are the women in her family: Guadeloupe's mother, Linda and Leslie's sisters, and Emma’s daughter, who “give her strength” and make her want to “keep going forward.”

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