Placido Domingo accused of sexual harassment?


Placido Domingo accused of sexual harassment? 

The Spanish opera singer and conductor Placido Domingo said that the sexual harassment charges against him became a “nightmare” for him and is “inaccurate”.
He stated this in an interview with the Spanish online publication El Confidential.

This was Domingo’s first conversation with reporters after the Associated Press reported in August that the singer was charged with sexual harassment from nine women.

“The accusation of prescription in the whole 30 years from these unnamed persons deeply bothers me and is inaccurate in the presented form. Still, it hurts to hear that I could upset someone or make me feel uncomfortable - no matter how long ago this happened and despite my best intentions. I believed that all my conversations and relationships were always friendly and with consent, ”said Domingo.

“People who know me or who have worked with me know that I’m not the one who intentionally hurt someone or offended or embarrassed someone,” the singer added.

He also added that so far he has not been formally charged, and he feels "well-condemned, convicted and imprisoned."

In October, it became known that Placido Domingo resigned from the post of general director of the opera in Los Angeles due to allegations of sexual harassment. On the eve of the Philadelphia Orchestra and the San Francisco Opera announced the cancellation of future performances of Domingo amid allegations of harassment. And in September it became known that the opera singer would no longer perform at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

Despite this, Domingo told El Confidential reporters that he will continue to perform on stage until at least 2021, while he has scheduled concerts.

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