What is the danger of an afternoon nap?


What is the danger of an afternoon nap? 

Doctors warn fans of afternoon horizontal relaxation that this can be dangerous for the body and health in general.

But many believe that replenishing the body’s energy with daytime sleep is of undoubted benefit. In order to draw conclusions about the benefits or harms of daytime sleep, scientists conducted many tests in which people from various professions from different cities participated.

Medical scientists have proven that there is practically no need for daytime sleep. According to them, if a person needs a nap during the day, then this condition should not last more than twenty minutes (the exception is children who need a day's rest).

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Those whose daytime rest lasted more than an hour agreed with the conclusions of specialists who previously noted that after such a dream a person feels overwhelmed both physically and emotionally.

As experts in the field of medicine said, taking horizontal positions until the food has been digested is harmful, especially for the esophagus and intestines. Instead of going down to the duodenum, food freezes in the stomach, its progress is reduced, which can lead, at best, to heartburn. In the worst cases, frequent sleep after a hearty meal will lead to a hernia of the esophagus or to problems associated with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
Therefore, doctors recommend an afternoon unhurried walk in the fresh air for half an hour.

Several studies by foreign scientists also confirm that it is not safe to sleep during the day. So, for example, a group of scientists from the United States proved that daytime sleep can lead to strokes, scientists from the UK stated that sleep during daylight hours shortens life.

Experts concluded: a day's rest is not good.

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