Can herbal tea cause malignant tumors?


Can herbal tea cause malignant tumors? 

German scientists have found out how frequent consumption of herbal tea affects the human body.

German experts came to the conclusion that herbal tea can cause malignant tumors.

But this is provided if it is often consumed throughout the day.

If you drink herbal tea from time to time, then nothing will happen. But with a drink every day, you can increase the risk of cancer, as well as see a violation of the liver, since it cannot permanently eliminate alkaloids from poisonous plants. When collecting herbs, various weeds often fall there, which contain poison, which is also a natural “shield” against pests.
Specialists from Germany recommend changing the type of tea more often. It is necessary to constantly combine and change black to herbal and other varieties. Ideally, you can drink pure water and there will be no risk of cirrhosis. Or use lemon, as the acid neutralizes the poisons of almost all weeds.

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