Evgeny Komarovsky sharply spoke about the folk remedy


Evgeny Komarovsky sharply spoke about the folk remedy 

Dr. Komarovsky talked about whether it is possible to use popular folk remedies for the treatment of constipation in young children. The pediatrician on his personal website answered the mother’s question about soap candles: how often they can be used, and also why the feces became foamy after applying the miracle cure.

Komarovsky reacted to this question rather ironically, saying that the formation of foam after using soap is a normal occurrence. And it doesn’t matter what they do with this soap - they wash their hands, wash their clothes or "put them in the ass."

"Soap candles - someone took a soap, cut something like a candle out of it ... And what is very important for this in our country. It is often discussed on the benches which soap is better - baby or household, how long the candle should be" , - the pediatrician is ironic.

Komarovsky is categorically against using soap as a solution to the problem of problems with bowel movements in the baby.

The pediatrician advised for this purpose to use a modern civilized remedy - candles with glycerin, which are sold in every pharmacy at an affordable price.

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