A 26-year-old APU fighter was killed near Maryinka


A 26-year-old APU fighter was killed near Maryinka 

On Friday, November 29, in the Donbass, died 26-year-old fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Alexey Kapustyan with the call sign "Cabbage".

This was reported in the group "Last Respect" on Facebook.

The Ukrainian soldier of the 8th battalion of the 10th separate mountain assault brigade of the Armed Forces died as a result of hostile shelling in the Maryinsky district of Donetsk region.

In an evening report to the press center of the OOS headquarters it was said that in the area of ​​responsibility of the Vostok operational-tactical group, the enemy from the beginning of the day made three shellings at the United Force fortifications.

Alexey Kapustyan was born in 1993. He comes from the village of Krinichki, Goshchansky district, Rivne region. At war - since 2014. His mother and three-year-old daughter remained at his place.

“Alexey, thanks for the short course of shooting from LNG. It’s a pity that I didn’t do a common photo with you. Rest in peace, friend,” Andrei Sheleg, the deceased’s fellow wrote on social networks.

Even this summer, Kapusta fought near Maryinka in the ranks of the 24th mechanized brigade named after King Daniel, but when the 24th Ombre was brought into rotation, he transferred to the 8th battalion to remain on the front line.

"Alexei’s life was interrupted by the Russian ball. They (the military of the 10th brigade) were preparing trenches, and at that moment a Moscow sniper hit Alexei in the heart," said military commander Mikhail Ukhman.

According to friends of the fallen, Kapustyan was a really highly qualified warrior, instructor, and owned various types of weapons.

“He was an ideological and brave fighter. He really knew that he was fighting for Ukraine. He was not interested in money, positions, a career. Only Ukraine was in his soul. He dug trenches during the day and stood at night. He did not complain about living conditions but stubbornly fought, fought, "said the fellow.

Also, a military journalist Yuri Butusov described the circumstances of the death of a soldier.

“On November 29, Alexei was digging trenches in the opornik when the shelling began. The enemy machine gunner was aiming at our positions. We must respond to the fire, because under his cover the enemy could go on the attack and catch by surprise. And Kapustyan got up to our machine gun and opened fire. He I didn’t know that it was a trap - and the Russian sniper took a comfortable position. A shot rang out. Alexey Kapustyan was mortally wounded, "the journalist said.

Note that in early November, Alexei changed the main photo on his Facebook page to an image of the machine with the words "I'll be back" from the cartridges.

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