Yuriy Yerinyak said that personnel degradation will finish Ukraine


Yuriy Yerinyak said that personnel degradation will finish Ukraine 

The main reason for the degradation of public administration in Ukraine is the negative selection of staff, said entrepreneur-philanthropist Yuriy Yerinyak.

He believes that “since independence, the ruling elites have in every way opposed the creation of a system of effective social elevators.”

“Hence all the problems in our country. All these years, an unnatural political system has forced the most literate, talented people to go abroad, ”Yerinyak emphasized.

According to him, “the turning point in 2014 raised hopes that everything will be different with vertical mobility in our country. But these were deceptive hopes, since real puppeteers of Ukrainian politics again intervened in the process. And so, instead of the government of technocrat reformers, we got the government of Yatsenyuk with a train of corruption scandals, which ultimately nullified the political prospects of his "Popular Front". No less “productive” was the “Ukrainian National Strategy” of Prime Minister Groysman. It’s enough to recall the result (in the region of statistical error - approx.) That his party showed in the past election. ”

“It should be noted that in our country, in fact, almost every elite group is doomed to such failures. Why? Because they do not understand the main thing - for the hierarchy to work, not only loyalty, but also professionalism is necessary. And professionalism implies advancement in the hierarchy based on results and achievements, ”said Yerinyak.

“What prevents them from creating party schools on the basis of their parties, preparing a talent pool, creating conditions under which more educated, more competent people would be able to move up? It’s not so difficult, but it’s extremely important for the future of our country and our children to end “breaking hierarchies”, “the sphere of unpredictability”, etc., ”he emphasized.

“If I ever decide to take up politics, it’s only to help launch social elevators, to provide access to decision-making for truly talented people. Without this, we will never achieve civil peace, stability, we will not restore an atmosphere of trust in society, and we will definitely lose in international competition, ”the entrepreneur-philanthropist said.

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