The attack on the London bridge!


The attack on the London bridge! 

British police have identified the suspect in the massacre on the London Bridge, he previously had a criminal record for crimes related to terrorism, reports Scotland Yard.

"At the moment, we can confirm the identity of the attacker - this is Usman Khan, 28, who lived in the Staffordshire area. Now police are conducting searches at Staffordshire," the British police said in a statement.

In Scotland Yard, it was emphasized that the shot Khan had previously been prosecuted in connection with the commission of crimes related to terrorism.

“This person was convicted of terrorist crimes in 2012. He was released from prison in December 2018,” the police said.

The police intend to find out what prompted Khan to commit this act.

The cordon remains at the crime scene.

It was previously reported that an unknown man stabbed five passersby on the London Bridge in the UK. Two died on the spot, the rest were hospitalized. The offender was shot dead by police.

The London Police Service does not rule out that the incident on the London Bridge could be related to terrorism.

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