Cancer causing products



Oncology is still one of the most common diseases. Research by scientists allows us to conclude that food products positively or negatively affect the occurrence of cancer cells. We have compiled a list of the most dangerous products.
1. Soda
Carbonated drinks are not only overfilled with sugar, which gives energy to cancer cells, but often contain caramel dye, which contains the 4-MEI carcinogenic element. 
2. Grilled red meat
High temperatures while cooking meat on the grill create carcinogenic carbohydrates. In general, excessive consumption of red meat increases the risk of illness.
The flavors used during preparation emit the well-known diacetyl toxin; the walls of the bags are coated with acid, which is carcinogenic in itself; and finally, popcorn producers are not required to report whether the corn is genetically modified or not.
4. Canned food in cans
The surface of the cans is covered with bisphenol A, which, due to structural similarity with the female sex hormone estrogen, has a negative effect on the brain and reproductive system, and also causes a number of oncological diseases (both in women and men). Canned tomatoes are especially dangerous because their acidity causes bisphenol to enter the food.
5 Chips
Chips are harmful for a number of reasons. First, they are fried in trans fats. Secondly, they are crammed with salt. In addition, they contain preservatives and artificial colors.
6. Alcohol
Studies conducted by the National Cancer Institute have shown a link between alcohol and cancer of the brain, neck, liver, chest, and colon.

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