Fairytale image of Lily Rebrik


Fairytale image of Lily Rebrik 

Famous Ukrainian TV presenter Liliya Rebrik surprised fans in an unusual way. The TV star appeared in the image of a good fairy. This was reported by the publication "RBC-Ukraine".

Lilia Rebrik actively maintains her microblog and often shows her fans stylish images from filming and everyday life. The TV presenter is given an example of how a real lady should dress. Her ability to choose a stylish outfit for any event Lily clearly showed the party "Nich Chimera."

According to the dress code of the event, organized by the Ukraine TV channel, everyone who was invited to the ball had to wear a mystical costume. The stars of Ukrainian show business responsibly approached the choice with a costume and staged a real masquerade.

Compared to other celebrities, Rebrik's fancy dress stood out the most. And all because the outfit had a backlight. Apparently the seamstresses worked on this dress for more than one night to embody the whole plan of the famous blonde. Photos of the amazing transformation have already appeared on her personal page on the social network Instagram.

A woman poses in a blue tulip-shaped dress, to which another skirt is additionally attached, and a transparent blue mantle, which has a backlight, is thrown on top. The guest of the evening emphasized the waist with a thick shiny belt, and complemented the fabulous look with hanging massive earrings, a stylish hairstyle and bright makeup.

The TV presenter decided to portray a good fairy, although many found that such an image is more like Princess Elsa from the animated film Frozen or even the Snow Queen. According to the TV journalist, she was still a good fairy.

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