The program of winter walks in Pirogovo


The program of winter walks in Pirogovo 

On December 1, at the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine (Pirogovo), festivities "Winter in the Ukrainian Skansen from Roman to Jordan" will begin. They will walk here until January 19. The event takes place in Pirogovo for the third year in a row. This time visitors will be introduced to the traditions and folk rites of the winter holidays.

Celebration Program:

the 1st of December
Roman Holiday, the official opening of "Winter in Pirogovo"

The event will begin at 12:00 with a festive liturgy in the church of St. Intercession, at the exposition "Carpathians". Next - a concert with the participation of children's vocal ensembles "Veselad", "Desnianochka" and the Honored Artist of Ukraine Oksana Stebelskaya. In conclusion, they will establish a Christmas star as a symbol of the beginning of the Christmas holiday cycle.

December 7th
Girl's gatherings on Catherine

Catherine’s Day is a youth holiday in the Ukrainian folk calendar. Girls gathered at a party in a pre-selected house, brought food and wondered late. You will learn how our ancestors divined what they cooked and how they spent their leisure time.

December 13th
St. Andrew's evening

Andrei’s day is popularly considered a youth holiday, which was sometimes called the "great evening parties." On this day, they will show how the girls were guessing the future fate, and the guys - walking and shkodnichali. The main attribute of the holiday will be Kalita - ritual cake. You will learn the features of its preparation and decoration. Kalita was used during the ritual game: the cake was hung on a rope from the ceiling and tried to bite.

December 25th
Gregorian Nativity

On this day, Western Christians are invited to celebrate Christmas at the Museum. At 14:00 the nativity scene at the Dnieper River exposition will open, and at 15:00 there will be a concert of classical carols and generics at the Yarivtsi location.

January 7, 2020

From 13:00 on the Dnieper streets of the museum, traditional carols (with Christmas stars, carols and crib performances) will be walking. You can learn traditional carols, see the obligatory attribute of Ukrainian Christmas - diduh and learn about its features. Also - join the contest "Christmas Star of Your Family": make your family star, come with her to Pirogovo and get a gift.

January 19, 2020
Jordan. Roskolyada

The parade of nativity scenes from the main entrance to the museum will begin at 13:00.

The procession and competition of a Christmas star, Christmas Shop, St. Nicholas, Koz, Vasily and Malanka, carols, congratulations, sowing and a festive Christmas concert on the Singing Field - all this will be from 13:30. And also an ice rink, winter entertainments, collective songs, Christmas gingerbread cookies, donuts, goodies for children and adults.

Museum address: st. Academician Tronko.

Admission: 50 UAH, for students, schoolchildren from 10 years old and senior citizens - 30 UAH, for students from 7 to 10 years old - 15 UAH.

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