A factor that protects against 20 types of cancer


A factor that protects against 20 types of cancer Scientists at Harvard University, along with colleagues from São Paulo, after a study concluded that a healthy lifestyle will protect against 20 types of cancer. Physical education, proper nutrition and rejection of bad habits will relieve problems with the stomach, lungs, larynx and colon.
Scientists examined the statistics of illnesses, culinary preferences, incomes and activity of Brazilians from 2008 to 2013. As a result, experts determined how many times a week South Americans drink alcohol, how often they eat vegetables, fruits and attend gyms. The study proved that a sedentary lifestyle, fatty foods and bad habits increase the risk of cancer by 26.5%. With regular use of alcohol, the likelihood of oncology increases by 10%, and smoking - by 30%.
Guided by the results of scientific research, doctors advise limiting the intake of alcohol, playing sports and giving up tobacco products. According to doctors, a healthy lifestyle will reduce the risk of cancer by 5-25%.

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