How much will we pay for the New Year's table in 2020?


How much will we pay for the New Year's table in 2020? 

New Year's Day is getting closer and closer. In addition to gifts and Christmas magic, society is interested in the price of the issue. Oleksiy Doroshenko, chairman of the Association of Retailers, raises questions and helps Ukrainians adjust their budget somewhat.

The news is disappointing, as this year's New Year's table will cost us 7% more expensive in relation to inflation. Especially "lovers" of sweet and alcoholic beverages will suffer.

Alexey Doroshenko explains the situation: «If you celebrate, having a salary of 4-6 thousand UAH per month, then it will go up for you. Because these will be the most inexpensive products, and in this category we have seen very serious price fluctuations, such as vegetables, bread. And if, on the contrary, your table is expensive, the number of domestic products on it is about 20%, then it is likely to be cheaper than last year. "

Doroshenko also confirms and analyzes in his own way the member of the Economic Discussion Club, Oleg Pendzin. Experts have estimated that a standard holiday table with alcohol for a company of 8 people will cost them about 3.5 thousand UAH. This includes a traditional menu: salads, meat and fish products, vegetables, fruits, drinks, as well as pastry. However, not everyone is satisfied with this set. For delicacies, the supplement will be a minimum of 500 UAH per person.

Overall, we can see that prices have not changed much over the year. For example, for your favorite duck or goose, which is loved by Ukrainian housewives at the Christmas table, you should give 250-400 UAH / carcass. The same goes for pork or beef. In this case, the cheapest option is chicken, for which it is necessary to pay no more than 80 UAH / kg. A nice point is the possible decrease in prices for imported delicacies (red fish and caviar), because, according to experts, suppliers buy them in larger quantities, which reduces the price on the market.

As for drinks, their value has increased by about 5-10 UAH, if we talk about the products of a domestic manufacturer.

Fruits remained in the same price category. But for sweets it is necessary to overpay, as the cost of cakes of Ukrainian production has increased by more than 100 UAH.

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