How many billions does Microsoft bring to Bill Gates?


How many billions does Microsoft bring to Bill Gates? 

Nowadays, when parents choose courses for children - they stop at computer, students, choosing a specialty, go to IT, and even adults try to explore the possibilities of the IT sphere. Of course, everyone is inspired by the example of Bill Gates and wants to repeat such a "golden" path. This is not surprising, because now Bill Gates is the first billionaire!

The Bloomberg Billionaires Index has released a new billionaire rating. The main competitors were founders Amazon and Microsoft - Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. The latter confidently took the first step, displacing Bezos by 2 steps. Bill Gates' world renowned estates are valued at $ 110 billion! However, Amazon's sponsor also went a long way - it owns $ 109 billion.

In general, the wealth of the five billionaires in the world are quite different. At $ 103 billion, Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton President Bernard Arnauds goes on to $ 86.6 billion from well-known US investor Warren Buffett and closes $ 5.5 billion to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder.

We would like to remind that 5G will be introduced in Ukraine.

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