UEFA announced the prize size for Euro 2020: how much the Ukrainian team will earn



Ukraine will receive for participation in the European Championship, 9.25 million euros, guaranteed to each of the participants in the final part of the tournament.

 Each victory in the group stage will bring 5 million euros, and a draw - 750 thousand euros, the UEFA website.

Prizes for reaching the 1/8 finals of Euro 2020 will amount to 2 million euros. Each quarter finalist will earn 3.25 million euros. The team will get 5 million euros for reaching the semifinals. The finalists of the tournament will split between themselves 17 million euros: 10 million euros will go to the winner, and 7 million euros to the silver medalist.

Thus, the winner of the tournament can earn 34 million euros. This is 7 million euros more than the maximum prize for Euro 2016.

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