"We are Ukrainians!"



Surveys of residents of the occupied territories each time show new results and do not cease to amaze. Is the Self-proclaimed LDNR Ukraine, Russia or an Independent State? It all depends on the people who live there and their opinions. That is why the New Image Marketing Group recently conducted an interesting poll and people were able to impress.

From October 7 to October 31, the group sought to clarify the views of LDNR residents about their situation now and in the future. The first pleasant figure is 57.8% - the percentage of people who consider themselves Ukrainian citizens. At the same time, 64.3% of 100% see themselves only in Russia.

The statistics of those who wish to return to Ukraine are interesting. Unfortunately, only 5.1% of those polled aspire to be part of Ukraine. But at the same time, 13.4% of LDPR residents also want to be part of Ukraine, but only if Donbas is given special status.

The situation regarding Russian citizenship is rather ambiguous. 42% of respondents did not even agree to receive it, but 37.2% are not against it and have the desire to be officially citizens of the Russian Federation.

We will remind that today the process of deployment of troops in the village of Petrovskoye continues.

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