Deadly road accident in Kiev: woman dead!


Recently, the frequency of accidents due to the fault of drivers is increasing every day. Two passers-by in the capital were injured today, one woman suffered life-incompatible injuries.

The information was disseminated at the Guard of Espresso. The accident happened on the night of November 11 in Darnytskyi district. According to preliminary data, two cars collided, one of which suddenly crashed into the sidewalk and killed two people. Pedestrians were a man and a woman. The latter died on the spot from her injuries, and the man is now in hospital.

"As a result of the blow, a young woman was fatal and died at the scene. The man walking with her was hospitalized. According to witnesses to the adventure - Lexus at high speed was moving the left lane. At some point, adjusting to the right, Lexus hit the back of a Renault taxi. From the impact, a luxury car crashed into the sidewalk where people were walking. Knocking down people, Lexus pulled through the fence and pulled into the parking lot. An investigative and operational team is working on the scene, which sets out all the circumstances of the incident, ”details of the Guardian of Espresso tell.

These are all known facts right now. An operational team is working at the scene of the accident, trying to establish the details of the accident.

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