Delicious and free: launched a new delivery service



There is a stereotype that Ukrainians will find "freebie" everywhere. We can now add that they will not only find, but create. From today in Kiev and in some other cities the service of free delivery of food will operate.

On November 11, a new Raketa service was launched in Kyiv. Subsequently, it is planned to expand the project to 15 more cities.

Raketa, as you can understand, is a food delivery service from various restaurants. Nothing special, if not a nice price: payment for delivery for clients is 0 UAH!

This seemingly disadvantageous decision is commented by project co-founder Stanislav Dmytryk: "We do not limit the minimum order amount and the delivery will be free for the client."

It is known that in such a "beta" work will take 2-3 months. If the workers keep their promise, they will really prove themselves and find their "people".

There are certain points to be made from the promise. For example, a delivery time of up to 60 minutes. Raketa will partner with more than 70 central restaurants, so you can get your favorite dishes anytime from the comfort of your home. Almost 200 couriers who do not plan to do the same transport will work for this purpose: they will be on bicycles, motorcycles or cars, and even on foot.

An interesting aspect of the service is the creation of its own kitchen, called "dark kitchen". So far, such innovations are being tested only in the Bessarabian market, but it is likely to become popular.

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