Volcano of passion between Savkin and Vasko: performance or something more


Pleasant announcement: on December 5 in the Great Hall of the Conservatory's Opera Studio the premiere of the comedy “Volcano of Passion” will take place with the participation of the most famous movie pair of Ukraine Oleg Savkin and Natalya Vasko.

The performance promises to be very beautiful and romantic, because it shows the eternal - love. The plot is based on a touching story of a relationship between a man and a woman, 25 years living on the same floor. All these years she greeted him, but he did not answer. But one day she decides to change the usual course of things and act differently. What will come of it?
“This is a production of men and women from different planets,” says Oleg Savkin. - We look at the same circumstances, actions, words, problems, facts in completely different ways. This is nature, we by definition do not understand each other, and we can never find a common language unless we are ready for a compromise. ”

The director, Miroslav Grinishin, masterfully intertwined the lyrics, secrets and subtle humor in the production, whose professionalism is beyond doubt.

Undoubtedly, the main characters are the “cherry” of a fascinating production, because Savkin and Vasko are a very popular movie pair. Among the joint works are the series “Mother Daughters”, “The One Who Doesn't Sleep,” “For the Sake of Love, I Can Do Everything” and others.
Each of the actors has a unique creative baggage. In the filmography of Oleg Savkin - 65 film roles, about 30 - in the theater, as well as shooting in the clips of T. Povaliy, K. Buzhinsky and I. Sarukhanov. The actor is a semifinalist of the Polish “Dancing with the Stars” and the host of the weather forecast on the first National Channel.
Natalia Vasko is in no way inferior, as she starred in about 100 films, played more than 10 theater roles, and was the host on the Inter TV channel. Twice nominated for “VIVA! The most beautiful ones ”, and in 2017 she became a laureate of the national film award“ Zig Gold ”for her role in the film“ Streptopelia nest ”.

If you can’t get to the performance on December 5, you don’t have to worry! The second show will take place on December 23 at the House of Officers.


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