Bohdan VS Zelensky: who has more?


Official salaries are a favorite topic of society. Who has the higher official rate, how much they receive in envelopes - eternal questions of society. We can open the veil a little and talk about the salary of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and the Head of the OP Andriy Bohdan.

Exact amounts have been released today. It turned out that Bogdan "worked" 10 thousand more than the President! According to the information provided by the State Administration of Ukraine, the amount received by the President of Ukraine in October reached UAH 28,000. This is not much, especially when compared to Bogdan's salary - 39 258 UAH!

However, the amount received by Bogdan is very ambiguous. After all, the number of bonuses and bonuses is very high and even the salary is higher. That is directly for the work he received 16 363 UAH. The rest, as we know, are bonuses: for years of service, for intensity, etc. It is also reported that according to the law, a payroll tax of 7 655 UAH was paid.

We remind that the Cabinet approved and promulgated the draft State Budget 2020.

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