WWFC 16: Ukraine has kept the championship!



On November 2, an international mixed martial arts tournament WWFC 16 took place at the Lokomotiv IC Arena in Kharkov, in the framework of which 10 fights took place. Of course, the main event was two title fights with the participation of Kharkiv.

The duel in a pair of Denis Bondar and Kevin Rangel turned out to be very interesting.
27-year-old Kharkov citizen Denis Bondar (9-2) won the title of interim champion of the WWFC in the weight category up to 57 kg, having won an early victory over the Brazilian Kevin Rangel (7-2). It was originally planned that Denis would challenge the world title, owned by Irishman Blaine O’ Driscoll, but, as you know, shortly before the fight, the latter received a rib injury and was forced to give way to the Brazilian in the hex. Rangel tried to keep the Ukrainian at a distance, taking advantage of his height and arm length, and while Denis was picking up the keys to an uncomfortable opponent, Kevin chalked up the translation down and several tight hits in the rack, after which Cooper timely got close to the clinch. Once on the floor, Rangel took the back of the Kharkov citizen and went to strangle, but Denis got out of the arms of the Brazilian. In the second round, Cooper hit Kevin with several throws from the hand and a knee from a Thai clinch, after which he moved the fight down, took a dominant position from above and forced the opponent to surrender, having strangled the “triangle” through his hand. That's how the first belt became ours!




No less exciting was the fight between Alexander Pletenko and Wilson Junior.
A well-known representative of Kharkov MMA, 25-year-old Alexander Pletenko (15-5) made his debut under the auspices of the league and won the vacant WWFC world champion in the weight category up to 61 kg thanks to the victory over Brazilian Wilson Junior (11-4-1). Unable to meet the necessary framework for the official pre-match weigh-in, Pletenko entered the hex with a minus one point in liabilities. During the battle, Pletenko beautifully threw his opponent onto the floor from time to time and subsequently took a dominant position in the stalls. According to the results of five rounds, the judges deservedly determined him to be the winners by unanimous decision. Confident and undeniable victory of the Ukrainian!




The absolute triumph of Kharkovites in the framework of the main card of WWFC 16 was prevented by the failure of the 25-year-old welterweight Alexei Pasyugi (2-1) who fought against the Egyptian Alaa Mansur (9-1). Having missed several not so weak head shots from the Ukrainian during the hard exchanges in the first round, Mansur finally decided to bet on the fight, reducing Alexei’s distance and narrowing to the net. At the same time, the Egyptian was not content with control, but converted the standoff to the ground. In the second round, Mansur managed to fetter Alexei’s neck with a choking technique (“triangle”). The Kharkovites resisted for a long time, preventing the opponent from completing what they had begun, but in the end Alaa quickly switched to a painful one (“armbar”), and Aleksey still had to give up. First defeat!



The final triumph was the result of Oleg Khachaturov!
For more than two years, Ukrainian lightweight Oleg Khachaturov (8-3), previously known for his performances in the M-1 Challenge and ACB, did not play due to injuries, and in September this year he signed a contract with the WWFC league. His rival, Kyrgyz Aliyev (7-2), immediately attacked the Ukrainian with a pair of hard low-kicks. In response, Oleg struck a high-kick, after which he threw Belek down and did not let go of the grip, continuing to strike from behind with one or the other hand. Aliyev tried to hide behind gloves, but still fell under the pressure of Khachaturov in the first round.

This is not the first time that the strength and talent of Ukrainians has given us leading positions. Keep it up!

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