Superfoods: we are looking for domestic useful products for pennies!


Superfoods: we are looking for domestic useful products for pennies!

In today's world it is very expensive to be "healthy". Moreover, health, freshness and wellness have become a negative trend, not a desire of people, but a trend. We buy various "useful" products from abroad because bloggers or influencers have said that when consumed, we will be forever young and healthy. Unfortunately, no one wants to find out if it is really that useful, whether these imported dietary supplements contain the right amount of the necessary substances for the body and whether or not they contribute to the strengthening of immunity and health. And most importantly - no one is looking for an alternative among Ukrainian wealth three times cheaper.

First, it should be understood that what a fashion word - "superfood". Superfoods are called foods that contain the maximum amount of nutrients - vitamins we need. It is believed that eating them can be done without medication, not necessarily eating vegetables and fruits, because you eat magic superfood and it instantly improves the processes in your body. In our understanding, these products are exclusively "overseas" delicacies that need to be sought for a long time, ordered through someone, because if from abroad - accurately quality and useful! It is worth adding that sometimes superfoods are called bioadditives or even medicines, that is, they are not food for daily consumption.

Nowadays, information about superfoods is spreading at an incredible speed, with good advertising and the right marketing moves at the heart of such popularity. Trendsetters keep telling how they add goji berries to oatmeal and always feel good, or have replaced all quinoa cereals and are now healthy. There are also many questionable studies that seem to prove the high level of usefulness of such supplements. A separate topic is the frequency of counterfeiting of such products, especially powdered ones. For example, Peruvian poppy powder cannot be tested without special equipment that we do not have.

So, no superfoods will replace healthy whole foods. The body needs the perfect balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, and not enough is contained in one superfood. They can be used as supplements to your traditional diet and then it will play to your hand. However, you should always be careful and careful: you do not need to look for these useful products abroad, if we have analogues at a price that does not bite. Magic chia seeds can be replaced with flax seeds sold at every store or pharmacy. Instead of goji berries, buy wild rose or sea buckthorn, and acai berries for cranberries and black currant. Trendy algae chlorella is displaced by parsley and young green peas, and quinoa - buckwheat. And don't forget about honey, which can serve as sugar. Be healthy!


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