Son of Tina Karol will not be a singer, because she has little time to spend with him?


Son of Tina Karol will not be a singer, because she has little time to spend with him? 

The idea is that the children of the stars are the most unhappy because their parents' main child is work. Someone supports it, some strongly disagree. The stars and their descendants know best. Tina Karol shared her story.

In World Life, Tina told Catherine Osadchy about her son Benjamin and his plans for the future.

Often viewers could watch the true idyll and warm family relationship between Tina Karol and her 10-year-old son, Benjamin. Of course, many people thought that the boy wanted to follow his mom's example and go to show business. However, Tina said that he is another. Benjamin studies in London, loves math, learns to play the piano, but he will never be able to combine life with music. And the main argument cited by the singer's son is the deep words Tina utters with tears: "Artists rarely see their children." The singer perceives it as a stone in her garden, but she understands her son's outlook.

Subsequently, Tina said that, when given the opportunity, she spends a lot of time with her son and pays attention to him. Recently, mom and son had a wonderful weekend in Lviv together. The singer sincerely shares her impressions: “We were in Lviv, went to a knight's restaurant where we were treated. Benjamin drew that sword of Arthur, said he was a knight, and so on. And dumplings and sushi - that he just did not choose there. The singer also said in sympathy with her son's pleasant words: "You know, when he and his mother are so close, these are the hardest moments for him."

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