Donald Trump hates Ukraine!


Donald Trump hates Ukraine! 

Lately, we have often talked about the favorable attitude of the US and EU countries towards Ukraine. However, interesting facts become known about the continuing negative about our country. And the first "hater" is to be called ... Donald Trump!

The Washington Post, a reputable American publication, has published some evidence of Trump's hatred of Ukraine from the first days of his work. From the very beginning of his tenure in power, Donald Trump has said that he has reacted aggressively and negatively about Ukraine. In the White House, our country is truly hated. According to the newspaper, this was learned from current and former employees of the Presidential Administration. The probable cause of this attitude, which is confirmed by the discoverers of the "mystery", was our commitment and assistance to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Trump has blatantly blamed our government for this, and this position of the Ukrainian side did not satisfy him.

It also became known that the mood of the US President was trying to change after the 2019 elections in Ukraine. US Energy Minister Rick Perry described the new President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, as a completely different leader who is unlike any other. At the time, Trump still stood by his view that the Ukrainian authorities were "horrible, corrupt people." In time, the US President and our hatred may change their position.

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