Zelensky set our condition for the meeting in the Normandy format: "by November 4 ..."


Zelensky set our condition for the meeting in the Normandy format: 

Today, the President of Ukraine spoke to the media after a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission in Kiev. He called the 3 and the last condition for the meeting of the Norman Quartet, said clear terms and the main purpose.

“If everything is safe within a week, then on November 4 we should start breeding in Petrovsky. Therefore, I have no doubt that we will have a meeting if all parties want and want to meet in the Normandy format. Because the main result is an agreement to end the war, ”Zelensky commented. He stands on his own and wants to hold a meeting to fulfill 3 set conditions: confirmation of the new text of the "Steinmeier formula", troop deployment in Golden and Petrovsky.

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, stressed that the Alliance continues to support our commitment to ending the war and the onset of peace in Ukraine. Separately, he spoke of their supportive attitude to Zelensky: “We once again welcome the leadership positions of President Zelensky, who is conducting relevant work, negotiations to put an end to hostilities in eastern Ukraine. It is a great honor for me to meet the President. When I hear his speeches, it always inspires me. This again shows that we have a real partnership, cooperation between Ukraine and NATO. "

During the meeting, they discussed further joint work in the Black Sea region, and both sides confirmed cooperation: “We will also continue to strengthen security and stability in the Black Sea region together. We will increase the exchange of information, develop the lines of communication, activate joint training events. ”

Also, the deployment of forces and assets near Petrovsky is commented on in the so-called "Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPR". They have officially declared that they are absolutely ready to implement the schedule approved by the contact group. On November 2, active preparatory activities will begin.

Recall that on October 29 began the deployment of forces in the Golden. This was possible, because the conditions for keeping the silence a week before the breeding were fulfilled.

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