Nightclub Murder!


Nightclub Murder! 

"They killed just for coming" - this is how we can describe the tragic situation that happened in the capital today. In Kiev, a young man decided to go to nothing at the club, but never returned from there. He was amused that he was killed by an employee of the entertainment complex.

The tragedy happened tonight. The police know only a few facts that make sense of the situation. It was learned that the 25-year-old was resting in a nightclub. During this he had some conflict with the security, the reasons are unknown. It all started with verbal images of each other, which grew into a fight. Subsequently, a 23-year-old foreigner who worked at the facility was unable to control emotions and severely beat the boy. He suffered a head injury that was not compatible with life.

The police have acted quickly, the young killer has already been detained and a criminal case will be opened.

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