Ukrainian "joker": it is known who corresponds with MPs and "merges" information?



Recently, information about the mysterious channel in the Joker Telegram has begun to circulate widely on the network. The page's resonance was that it garnered 13,000 subscribers a day! The main purpose of the channel generator is to publish correspondence with people's deputies, from which you can learn "hidden" facts. Currently, correspondence with Yaremenko is published, where the Joker calls himself Ruslan Ryaboshap, they talk about Yaremenko's post on Facebook and his communication with the girls during the VRU meeting. And also with Mikhail Radutsky, who discussed the issue of receiving money in envelopes "Servants of the People". The last post is a video where Radutsky confirms this correspondence. The puzzle is one: who is the Joker?

For the first time about the so-called panker, who corresponded with Yaremenko, wrote the edition "Stranka" on October 30, and, in fact, the channel was created the next day. It was then, on October 31, that screenshots appeared on the channel, showing the correspondence of the "joker" with Radutsky and a short caption: "On September 17, Mikhail Radutsky discussed what it was like to pay deputies salary in envelopes. It was September 17th. And today we have evidence that the servants of the People's Service receive money in envelopes. "


"Evidence" obviously refers to the material of the "Country" mentioned above, "Five. A dozen. Spot. Deputies from the "Servant of the People" began to receive a salary in envelopes. " The problem is that the article cited by the "Country" is based on rumors and assumptions, no direct facts or specific examples of the publication, no evidence appears. However, the title sounds pretty affirmative and convincing. Such material was violently and emotionally reacted by the media, other publications, most of which have direct links with Levochkin and Medvedchuk. And an important aspect is that the editions of the "Country" have some relation to Levochkin. These facts make it easy to relate to the Joker and the Country.

To determine exactly the identity of the domestic "joker" will help time and his activity. However, following the activity of the channel generator, we can recognize a certain handwriting, strategy, tactics of making an information "bomb". The current situation is very reminiscent of the Tinder scandal in November 2018, if not to say that it is identical. Then it became known about an intimate correspondence of a student of KPI with the head of the Department of Economics Protection of the National Police Oleksandr Varchenko. The girl wrote a statement about the threats, then disappeared, and later effectively appeared with apologies and words that all her statements were a slander of Varchenko. And the culmination of this case was the detention of Vladimir Petrov - a political technologist - by the military prosecutor's office of Matios, who also has a known connection with Levochkin since Yanukovych. Later, in an interview with Kryukov, Matios says that during the detention, Petrov found a great deal of compromise on famous people. Thereafter, there were cases of collaboration between people involved in the Tinder scandal.

Setting some logic, we conclude that the current scandal of today with a constant drain of correspondence with MPs is very reminiscent of the style of last year. It seems that this is done by one person who, in turn, is a true professional. By assumption, the main actors in the case are Vladimir Petrov as a "joker" and Lyovochkin as an interested person. The activities of the participants of the Tinder scandal - Matios and Hooks - are not excluded. Now all media outlets take a “wait-and-see” position and try to anticipate further “joker” actions.

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