Bogdan is not disturbed by the ministers. "They are afraid to take responsibility"


Bogdan is not disturbed by the ministers. 
The head of the President's Office, Andrei Bogdan, is not satisfied with the ministers' work, as they are afraid to take responsibility and do not make serious decisions.  

"I'm personally unhappy. I don't like them trying to please Facebook, but it's a downside in performance.
We have put the deadline before the end of the year, and now they are setting themselves the priority areas they promise to reach by the end of the year. Accordingly, our team will come together, we will discuss with them and make appropriate decisions.
It is very difficult to force them today, they are still afraid, they do not understand, they are very smart, very cool experts. "- Bogdan said.

According to the Head of the Office, they do not make serious decisions, because they do not want to be responsible not only criminal, but also afraid to lose their reputation. Bogdan noted that the work of any official, MP "should be judged by the results, not by his speeches".

We will remind, on August 29, the Verkhovna Rada of the 9th convocation held the first meeting.

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