Titov's Arsenal: The bomber from Gorlovka had 5 grenades!


Titov's Arsenal: The bomber from Gorlovka had 5 grenades! 

Since the incident that took place in Kharkiv on October 25, more and more details are known. Yesterday we learned that the name of the killer is Alexei Titov and he is a native of Gorlovka. The network has been rumored to be a hit man, but information has not yet been confirmed. Today it turned out that Titov had at least 5 grenades! In fact, the killer had an F-1 anti-personnel grenade, as well as an Australian Glock pistol with a silencer and an Israeli Uzi machine gun.

For the most accurate information, see Censor.Net, which refers to the messages of the telegram channel "Chest". They comment on Titov's professionalism during the shooting: he performed all the actions clearly and coherently, as if he had prepared himself in advance: "Special training is clearly visible. After Titov fatally injured one of Jorin, he rode his parking lot on his Rav-4 and reopened the fire. From another convenient position right out of the car, most likely then he managed to injure himself George, who, along with his friend, tried to lift Tyson's body, which is to say that Titov kept his cool and did not lose his opponents in sight idminu from them. " That is, his skills are recognized as better than the skills of opponents of the killer. The speed of the man's actions is surprising: "The shooter immediately drove into the yard immediately on Klochkivska, sweeping the tracks (prints, etc.), managed to set his car on fire and to move to the South station to leave the city."

Probably, Titov felt confident enough, because he knew what weapons he had with him. The arsenal of the arrow is impressive, because possession of such means is illegal under part 1 of Article 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and it is not clear until now where he obtained such a weapon: "He had at least 5 hand-held anti-personnel grenades F-1 and also left in place shootings Austrian Glock pistol with silencer and Israeli machine gun "Uzi".

Titov's Arsenal: The bomber from Gorlovka had 5 grenades! Titov's Arsenal: The bomber from Gorlovka had 5 grenades! Titov's Arsenal: The bomber from Gorlovka had 5 grenades! 

So far, only these facts are known. In the course of the investigation, the special police operation "Siren", which is currently operating in Kharkov, will certainly open up a number of unpredictable aspects. The finale of the case remains unknown.

We will remind that on October 25 near the roadside cafe in the Kharkov area a grenade exploded. There was a shooting in which Georgy Isaev (Zhora) was wounded, and his colleague and comrade Vladimir Borukha (Tyson) was killed on the spot. The police followed the arrows, and in the course of the incident, one of them took out a grenade and, wishing to throw it at the police, died of the explosion himself.

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