Singer Jerry Hale: "Do I have the feeling that we are being misled as you once were with Chornobyl?"


Singer Jerry Hale: Well-known Ukrainian singer and blogger Yana Shemaeva, known under the pseudonym Jerry Heil, suspects the Ukrainian authorities that they are hiding real environmental problems in Ukraine from people. She wrote about it on her page on Instagram.
Singer Jerry Hale: 

We are talking about polluted air breathed by Ukrainians. As soon as this information spread, there were many versions and speculations as to why the air pollution had become dirty. Versions ran from - an accident at one of the factories, to even a little absurd - the air became polluted because people were burning leaves.

The main thing is that the problem is and is being talked about, not only by journalists and eco-advocates, but also by the stars.

It should be noted that now all over Ukraine, including in the capital, the air quality index exceeds the norm.Singer Jerry Hale: 

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