The bill of 1000 UAH was put into circulation


The bill of 1000 UAH was put into circulation On October 25, the National Bank of Ukraine put into circulation a denomination of UAH 1,000. From now on, Ukrainians will be able to receive this bill and pay it.

The NBU notes that the newly introduced bill will improve the ability to calculate, and also 1000 hryvnia should reduce the cost of producing banknotes. The new banknote is "protected" by more than 20 items that make it impossible to counterfeit the banknote. Among the protection of 1000 hryvnia, there are also optically variable elements.

 On one side of the bill is a portrait of scientist Vladimir Vernadsky, and on the other side is the building of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Blue has become the primary color of the banknote, and the size of the bill differs significantly from its predecessors. Yes, a new 75x160 mm banknote.
The bill of 1000 UAH was put into circulation 

We would like to remind you that the bill of 500 UAH was presented in 2013.

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