Now we can warm up at home, not in Egypt


Now we can warm up at home, not in Egypt 

Today, on October 25, KP "Kyivteploenergo" announced the start of the heating season in the capital of Ukraine - the city of Kiev. Within 10 days it is planned to activate the heating of residential buildings.

The current KSCA chairman Petro Panteleyev, during a briefing, talks about the long-awaited start of heat in the dwellings and provides interesting statistics: “Since October 25, that is from today, the heating season has started for all buildings, including the residential sector. On September 30, we started the heating season for social sector institutions ... In general, our observations over the last 10 years are the latest heat start. The weather has allowed us to do more work."

Panteleyev stressed that the process should be started as soon as possible, as soon a significant cooling is expected, so all residents should be ready and "warmed up" by the moment: "Despite the fact that today is still plus temperature, it will be plus 16 in the afternoon, we see the forecast , and given that Kiev's large-scale, complex ... heating system, we are starting (heating - edit) today. In order to make it really cold, we had most subscribers connect. It generally takes about 10 calendar days to connect. We plan to launch most of the facilities next week. " Representatives of Naftogaz disagreed with him, who believe that it is inappropriate now to hurry up with the start of heating of houses, because rather warm weather is planned for next week.

We would like to remind you that the heating season in schools, kindergartens and hospitals started on September 30.

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