"Big brother" to see everything. Follow the "servants of the people"


 Oleksandr Korniyenko, the first deputy of the servant of the people, spoke about the internal situation in the faction.

Thus, according to the deputy, the internal security service operates in the CH. The function of which is to analyze the behavior and voting of deputies.

"I don't think it happened in a big way. Maybe someone is looking for opportunities somewhere, but big brother sees everything.
I will say that Big Brother has reached the level of committees.
We are now analyzing who is acting on the committees. There are interesting tendencies when MPs lead a double life - they vote with a faction in the hall, and for some reason, committees do not vote with a faction. There are already several such cases. "
The "security service" is including deputies more informed than others. Well, they don't watch it, but let's just say it. "

Kornienko stressed that the faction's deputies in the "security service" are enough, but they do not listen to colleagues' phones.

It is worth noting that many times a representative of different oligarchs approached the "servants" with their proposals, as the "security service" and the deputies themselves spoke about it.

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