Bad joking! Lesya Nikityuk in hospital because of Pedan!


Bad joking! Lesya Nikityuk in hospital because of Pedan! 

Today, October 24, emotions of Lesya Nikityuk and Alexander Pedan's Instagram profiles explode. Lesya complains about the "friend", informs that she will no longer communicate with him, and calls on the subscribers to stop immediately following the network on Pedan. Sasha, in turn, publicly apologizes to Lesya, asks to communicate further and advises subscribers what to do.

As it turned out, the team of the famous entertainment show "Pedan Can", led by Alexander Pedan, decided to play a girlfriend, Lesia Nikityuk. Knowing about Lesia’s sense of humor, discernment, and attentiveness, the banal jokes were a good idea. It is known that there was a shooting, the police, as in this action. The team has tried and thanks to this Lesya is now in the hospital. The main hero of the drawing did not withstand such emotional shock, was extremely frightened and needed urgent medical help. She has already told about it from the hospital to her followers on Instagram: “Friends, at 9am today I was very shitty. There was shooting, there was police, I was very scared, now I get coralol. I want to officially declare that I end any relationship, friendship, with Sasha Pedan, because: Sasha, this is really not funny. " Lesya asks to support her "flash mob" and unsubscribe from Sasha.

In turn, Pedan said that they wanted to entertain her girlfriend and were convinced that she would understand everything and figure out their plan. Alexander apologizes for the soc. networks and wants to forge relationships: "I understand that we are really overrun. First, I tried to contact Lesia Nikityuk in person, to apologize, to apologize, but Lesia was knocked down. me… I personally declare, and the whole team, that really, it was too… we thought you would understand us…. I don't know what they do in such cases, but our apologies ... let's talk. " In the end, Pedan consults with the followers what he can do for Lesia.

Now Pedan is getting fewer subscribers every minute. We understand that Leslie's fans absolutely support her and want to help the star at least this way.

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