In Kotsyubynsky, the baby was kidnapped from her mother


In Kotsyubynsky, the baby was kidnapped from her mother In Kotsyubyns'k Kyiv region, a baby was stolen from her mother. Police in the Kyiv region announced an interception plan to find the kidnapper.

According to the injured mother, the child was abducted by a woman "with black hair, wearing glasses, wearing a blue vest and jeans."
In Kotsyubynsky, the baby was kidnapped from her mother 

"A single mother had met with volunteers the day before, who offered to exchange children's things. Without seeing the danger, the woman gave support to a child abuser who suddenly grabbed the boy and fled on a silver car." - reports the police of the Kiev region.

It should be emphasized that this is not the first fact of abduction of a woman by a woman who fits the description of a woman from Kotsiubynsky.

"This morning, they came and they went with the baby's mother, Helen, and the baby to the post office. Mom confided the baby to the woman and went to the post office when the woman with the baby didn't come out ... Now the parents are running around the cameras, the police were called." - says volunteer wife Mikhailenko, who helps moms.

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